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Professional Speaking

Professional Speaking

With “Myronosophies”, our world-class professional speaking brand, you’re guaranteed of genuine EduTainment or EnterTrainment. The word comes from the combination of our founder, Mr. Myron Sta. Ana’s first name, Myron and the Anglicized Latin word for “wisdom”, Sophia. It’s also a wordplay for Myron and Philosophies or Myron’s Philosophies.

The brand refers to his life and career philosophies that have motivated and inspired thousands of individuals to pursue their aspirations and live their dreams despite life’s challenges and personal limitations.

Motivational Speaking

Being an experienced and results-oriented employee learning and development practitioner for more or less seven (9) years and getting to train, mentor, and coach hundreds to thousands of past co-workers and trainees, our speaker, Mr. Myron Sta. Ana knows how to motivate different people even those with different priorities, personalities, preferences, perspectives, and purposes.

With his #EnterTraining approach to encouraging and engaging others and his deep understanding of employing a holistic approach to touching people’s lives (catering to Knowledge, Skills and Abilities, and Attitude), his audience may expect having the Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action (AIDA) to improve their performance, exceed their targets, and contribute more to the company’s goals and objectives of bringing to life its vision, carrying out its mission, and living up to the standards of their core values.

Ergo, be wise to hire a top Filipino motivational speaker in the Philippines.

Inspirational Speaking

Inspiring others is his forte and cup of tea. He’s not your typical rags-to-success story. He was actually born in a middle-income family of a woodwork-agent father and a clothes-wholesaler mother. However, due to the then decline of the sash and woodwork industry in Taytay, Rizal in the late 1990s and the bankruptcy of her mother’s business around the same years, they became poor.

Since his father only graduated from elementary and her mother only reached first year high school, their lack of education kept them from getting back up on their feet and clawing back their previous status in life.

In order to help, he made a decision to study hard in college that led to him graduating Cum Laude. He also kept himself productive with extra-curricular activities such as joining student and youth organizations and winning competitions inside and outside of Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Sta. Mesa, Manila. This led to him accomplishing the following achievements in student leadership and academic excellence:

  • Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines (TOSP) Nominee A.Y. 2005 – 2006 (
  • National Search for the Ayala Young Leaders Nominee A.Y. 2004 – 2005 (
  • Galing Pilipino Young Leader Awardee A.Y. 2004 – 2005 Galing Pilipino Movement Foundation
  • Outstanding Juan Sumulong Memorial Junior College – Taytay, Rizal Alumnus

His passion for excellence and his quest for a life-changing success for his family didn’t end here. After working in the corporate world for more or less seven years from 2006 – 2013 saving nothing, his family’s life getting worse in poverty, and his parents getting older not regaining their past convenience, he made a leap of faith and decided to put up his own training and HR consultancy company at only 28 with nothing else but his severance pay and the money he got from selling his one-year -old motorcycle.

Over two years later, after defying the odds, working harder and smarter, and putting his best foot forward, he is already looked up to as one of the best Filipino corporate trainers and training and development consultants in the Philippines and one of the fastest-rising names in motivational, inspirational, and resource speaking. These milestones have been validated further by the following prestigious awards conferred to him recently:

  • 2017 Excellence in Quality and Management Conference in Lucerne, Switzerland, One of the Best Regional Enterprises Winners and Manager of the Year, International Socrates Awards Nomination Committee of the Europe Business Assembly in Oxford, United Kingdom
  • 2016 Acquisition International Excellence Awards 2016, Most Outstanding Corporate Training Provider in the Philippines
  • 2016 APAC Insider Business Elite Awards, Corporate Training Firm of the Year
  • 2016 The National Product Quality Excellence Awards, Seal of Service Quality
  • 2016 28th Asia Pacific Excellence Asian Achiever Awards, Best Results-oriented Training and Consultancy Services Provider
  • 2016 Annual Outstanding Professionals of the Philippines Awards, Outstanding Professional Awardee
  • 2016 Philippine Awards for Customer Service Excellence, Outstanding Customer Service Training and Consultancy Services Provider
  • 2016 Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence, Best Event Services Consultancy Provider
  • 2015 APAC Insider Business Awards, Best Corporate Training Provider in the Philippines
  • 2015 Golden Globe Annual Awards for Outstanding Filipino Achiever, Medal of Distinction for Business Achievement
  • 2014 TOP BRAND Awards Philippines, Corporate Trainer and Motivational Speaker of the Year
  • 2014 TOP BRAND Awards Philippines Corporate Training, Leadership and Event Consultancy of the Year
  • Juan Sumulong Memorial Junior College Taytay, Rizal Outstanding Alumnus of Class 2002

Equipped with this motivational and inspirational life story supported by his one-of-a-kind competency of ‘Edutaining’ and ‘EnterTraining’ his audience, you can be assured that your students or employees will have a blast signing him up as your speaker.

Now, make sure you work with a leading Filipino motivational, inspirational, and resource speaker in the Philippines.

Free One-hour Corporate Talk

Yes, you’re seeing this right. We provide a one-time, free one-hour corporate talk or corporate speech on any theme or topic for companies, organizations, and/or schools that we haven’t worked with yet. If you would love to avail of our free power talk, just get in touch with us right away.

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