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EnterTRAINment is the future of professional public speaking and corporate training

EnterTRAINment is the future of professional public speaking and corporate training

A lot of us are hungry for new information, craving for a daily dose of motivation and inspiration, and addicted to our skills getting enhanced and our attitude being improved.

We utilize these widened or deepened knowledge, upgraded skills, and fine-tuned attitude in order to reach our goals in our purpose-driven life and make a difference and eventually, a legacy.

With this effort to develop our competencies, we seek from various sources of bodies of knowledge and references of skills.

Indeed, almost everybody needs reliable sources of information; both living and non-living things.

Knowledge Expert in the Philippines

Among several sources of such information, two of the more interesting sources are the so-called professional motivational and/or inspirational public speakers and external or independent corporate trainers.

While they differ with their approach, type of audience, duration of exposure to or interaction with their respective audiences, and subject matter, both serve to provide new or additional knowledge, correct, replace, or improve current skills, refine attitude, supply sufficient motivation and inspiration, and empower people.

If you’re fed up with reading books or magazines, searching on the internet, watching TV, or listening to the radio, you can attend a free or a paid event featuring them, invite them to train or speak at your organization, or practically, just watch any of them on Youtube.

Professional speaker in the Philippines

As a matter of fact, there are so many professional public speakers or corporate trainers out there. Just in the Philippines alone, if one googles a professional motivational or inspirational speaker or an independent or freelance corporate trainer in the country, search engines will recommend various different names that offer equally contrasting sets of expertise and experience.

However, no two speakers or trainers are the same. While it may be assumed or generalized that all public motivational or inspirational speakers motivate or inspire and all corporate training practitioners train on different corporate topics, each name is known for one specialty after another – a niche in the industry they specialize in.

Moreover, public speakers, be it, motivational, inspirational, or resource, and corporate trainers alike are highly-known for educating, equipping, encouraging, engaging, and empowering their audiences or participants with their presentation skills, speech prowess, platform and facilitation abilities, audience engagement, and even with some, stand-up comedy; a distinct skill which they apply by injecting a great sense of humor as they explain concepts or share accounts of their rags-to-riches stories.

The coming of ‘EnterTRAINment’ or ‘EDUtainment’

At present, just like the evolution of so many things, the advent of high-tech devices, equipment, and gadgets, and brand new scientific discoveries, public speaking and corporate training have advanced in their own rights too.

The familiar style of plain speaking or facilitating training has become old-fashioned.

Either to beat their competition or simply be unique and attractive, even professional public speakers and trainer-facilitators have come up with brilliant ideas to come across as one-of-a-kind or ‘not your average Joe’ to their target markets.

One specific buzzword that has been thought of and implemented due to this effort for competitive edge and uniqueness is ‘EnterTRAINment’ or ‘EnterTRAINing’.

I, myself, have been using this jargon to call myself with or to go by (The Corporate EnterTRAINer) and my brand of professional public speaking and independent corporate training (Corporate EnterTraining or EnterTrainment) since 2013 and I’m hugely thankful I have.

Yet, I was not the one who coined this term nor this term is unique to me, my personal branding, or style.

I researched personally who might have made up this term, but Google only led me to other companies and individuals just like myself who don’t look a bit like the originator of this word.

These, like me and my company, have only attached it to their self-marketing to refer to their packaging of training or public speaking that is not your normal approach. It’s one that literally combines training and real entertainment pretty much like ‘edutainment’ to education and entertainment.

‘EnterTraining’ or ‘EnterTrainment’ is no doubt the future of public speaking and corporate training and whichever anonymous person creatively invented it, I’m enormously thankful for his/her ingenuity.

For the longest time, when we encounter a professional motivational or inspirational speaker perform his job, one can always expect that the former will only talk, regardless of his ability to infuse stand-up comedy and engage his audience thru questioning or conversing, and talk again.

In the same line of thinking, one can presume that a corporate trainer will usually explain theories, concepts, or frameworks with whatever his mode is, engage his participants thru the known training or facilitating methods, with only the addition of simulations, role plays, application exercises, assessments, and icebreakers/energizers (basic stuff) as a differentiator vis-à-vis public speakers.

Corporate EnterTraining or EnterTraining public speaking is the future because it is and does much more than that. Either role fascinatingly combines what public speakers or corporate trainers already usually do, which is speak or train, with entertainment as we’ve known it.

Which speaker do you know dances, sings, freestyle raps, plays musical instruments, acts on stage, imitates voices, performs magic tricks, leverages ventriloquy, or involves the audience in his gimmicks together with his default speaking or training skills? That’s what I mean by ‘EnterTraining’ or ‘EnterTrainment’. That’s precisely what an EnterTrainer or EDUtainer is.

The games have changed

As years go by, audiences or trainees are not overly-impressed anymore, if not bored by, with public speakers or corporate trainers who may be the best in the industry they’re incredibly experienced in, who may have genuinely best-selling books, or who may know so much about their topics, A.K.A. experts, and yet can only talk and talk irrespective of whether they’re not really that boring after all with their intermittent injection of humor and some other antics.

Over time, and due to the influence of equally-amusing multimedia, the target market’s attention span has narrowed much further. They already doze off when all the speaker or trainer in front of them knows to do is talk non-stop even if his stories are catchy enough and even if the audience or participants are truly learning a lot.

They already desire something new – a kind of speaker so distinct and uncommon that they’re delighted to both hear and see something extraordinary.

They want to keep on laughing, being entertained, and on the edge of their seat. They’re already looking for learning providers who can finally serve something different on a similarly unconventional silver platter (pun intended). They’re now looking for ‘edutainers’ or ‘entertrainers’ from whom they can learn so much knowledge and so many skills while having hilarious fun at the same time.

Who wouldn’t like to be educated, equipped, encouraged, and engaged while experiencing entertainment and empowerment as well? Tell me.

Corporate EnterTraining or EnterTraining public speaking, truly, is already the future of professional and even amateur public speaking and independent and even mainstream corporate training. Don’t be surprised if you already see dancing or singing trainers or speakers around the next time you attend a learning event or undergo a company-sponsored in-house corporate training.


How about we start a discussion? Name a professional public speaker or a corporate trainer in the Philippines and/or abroad who already does and is already known for ‘EnterTRAINment’. I would love to know more about them and learn a thing or two from them about ‘EnterTRAINing’ or ‘EDUtainment’. Thanks!

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