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Results-oriented training consultant in the Philippines

We will never claim we are the best training consultant in the Philippines because we aren’t. Well, not yet. We will never declare that we are the biggest training company in the Philippines because we aren’t but we’re well on our way.

One thing we are certain about though is that we produce observable and measurable results that have helped individuals and companies we’ve worked with justify and maximize their employee training and development investment.

Going into the second decade of the 21st century, our brand has become one of the most preferred, renowned, and reliable training and consultancy companies in the Philippines.

We’re now highly sought after because of our expertise in helping our partners gain a competitive advantage and create exceeding business results by leveraging what we call the Eights Es of Corporate Success: Educating, Equipping, Encouraging, Engaging, Entertaining, Empowering, Exemplifying, and Escorting to Success the corporate talents – the employees, our business partners.

We’re not just a training consultant or a training provider in the Philippines. We offer an array of holistic talent learning and development solutions that truly and effectively accomplish any or all of the following:

  • Close organizational, departmental, team, individual, and occupational level performance gaps;
  • Introduce sustainable interventions and solutions based on a scientific assessment and analysis of confirmed areas for improvement and talent learning and development needs;
  • Align determined learning and development interventions with the vision, mission, core values, and strategies (strategic objectives and direction) at all levels;
  • Implement talent development programs that cater to what we call the Six Components of Employee Performance: Knowledge, Skills or Abilities, Attitude, Environment, Motivation and Inspiration, and Job-Person Fit/Organization-Person Fit.

Therefore, you can be assured that we know what we’re talking about and doing. The core of our expertise is in Talent Development and this modern-day buzzword is beyond employee training or learning and development.

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We acknowledge, appreciate, and apply that corporate training isn’t the sole remedy to the root causes of the company and its human resources’ performance imperfections. It’s because of this that we guarantee our clients we deeply understand the requirement and its bases in order to carefully and thoroughly design and develop the most suitable human resources consulting options.

Training Provider in the Philippines

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Message from our Chief EnterTrainment Officer (CEO)

Welcome to our new website,

Thank you for visiting our new website.

As we continue to achieve more and grow further in the employee training and development and professional speaking industries, our home online must evolve with us as well.

Thus, we present to you our new corporate website, It aims to continue to keep you updated with our events and consulting projects while unceasingly educating, equipping, encouraging, engaging, entertaining, exemplifying, empowering, and escorting you to success with our blogs, videos, and podcasts.

We envision to be the best training consultant in the Philippines and even in Asia and we’re well on our way. We’re also working hard and smart to be the best training company in the Philippines with our results-oriented experience and expertise in team and team culture building, first-line leadership and management, micro-to-small business growth and development, call center set-up and operations, soft skills (communication and customer service), employee training and development, organization development, employee engagement, and employee relations.

Be a part of our challenging yet enjoyable journey to become the leading employee training and consultancy company in the Philippines. Visit our corporate website all you want and let us know how our talent solutions can help you help yourselves so you can exceed your company’s bottom lines and bring out the best in your precious employees.

Mr. Myron Sta. Ana - Chief EnterTrainment Officer, MSSBS

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About our Chief EnterTrainment Officer (CEO)

Mr. Myron “The Corporate EnterTrainer” Sta. Ana

Our Chief EnterTrainment Officer (CEO), Mr. Myron Sta. Ana is the Founder of our company, MSS Business Solutions.

Our ‘starting small, thinking and acting big’ team is now already considered as one of the country’s best training companies in the Philippines despite being barely five (5) years old in the industry of outsourced in-house training consultants, motivational, inspirational, and resource speakers, and Human Resources consultants and advisors in the country.

With MSS Business Solutions and through his personal brand of EnterTrainment and Edutainment, he passionately provides Human Resources services in the particular functions of organization development, learning and development, and employee relations and engagement.

He’s also one of the most renowned team and team culture building facilitators in the Philippines and online authors of business, leadership and management, training and development, and soft skills write-ups on social networking and media websites.

He’s now widely-known in the corporate world, specifically among training practitioners, and on social media as The Corporate EnterTrainer for his interesting expertise in ENTERTRAINING his participants with a mix of stand-up comedy, literal entertainment, and lively and engaging approach to employee corporate training.

He has already served different Top 1000 Filipino corporations and has equally helped achieve both their business and productivity targets through his effective corporate talent development intervention analysis, design, delivery, implementation, and evaluation.

Moreover, he’s a fast-rising brand in motivational, inspirational, and resource speaking and is now being sought after by both students and professionals particularly in the areas of business administration, management, marketing, and human resource-oriented courses and fields particularly training and development, organization development, and employee engagement.

This quick ascent in the world of professional speaking, corporate training, and HR consulting has already turned heads, which made him be recognized by the following:

He graduated with a degree in Bachelor in Business Teacher Education Cum Laude from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines and had Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines nominee, National Ayala Young Leaders nominee, and Galing Pilipino Young Leader Awardee as just some of his noteworthy achievements as a multi-affiliated student and youth leader back in the day.

Our dear current and potential clients and partners, you’re guaranteed to be working with the best person for your employee learning and development needs with the Philippines’ top young training consultant and communication and customer service guru, Mr. Myron “The Corporate EnterTrainer” Sta. Ana.

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