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Mr. Gonzales’ Public Speaking and Corporate Training Programs for the Youth

by The Voice Master, Mr. Pocholo Gonzales

Youth Entrepreneurship Academy

A training and mentoring program under Negosyo Kobataan. It taps the youth’s creative talents so they can uncover their potential, discover their passion, and live a life of purpose and meaning.

Voiceworx Caravan

In this caravan, the art of voice acting is introduced to students. They’re also taught the tools and techniques to ‘play’ with their voice. It also opens up their minds to the world of opportunities that await them in the voice acting industry.

Radio Broadcasting Academy

In this academy, basic broadcasting skills such as script writing, interviewing, and radio programming are taught. It also teaches students to create a local youth-oriented radio program to inform, inspire, involve, and empower their fellow youth within their community.

Public Speaking for Students

Public speaking is one of the most necessary skills needed to thrive in the 21st century yet it remains to be the number one fear in the world. In this seminar, public speaking is taken to the next level by veering away from techniques (stand like this, talk like that, etc.) and focusing on the fundamentals that make one a great leader.

Personal Branding

What’s the world’s number 2 anti-dandruff shampoo? In this age, branding isn’t only essential to companies but also to individuals who would like to thrive in their chosen career and profession. The principles to achieve ‘top-of-mind awareness’ and ultimate success are shared here.

Future Me

The youth are encouraged to think about the impact that their present actions and choices have in their future. Will technology bash humans? Are the young people’s skills still needed 20 years from now? What is the future of the future? These questions shall be answered here.


Students have probably attended several seminars, workshops, and even camps that teach leadership. What many people don’t realize is that there’s no blanket approach to leadership and that there’s only one important leadership attribute that anyone must understand to lead.

8 to be Great

This motivational talk will inspire the youth toward bringing out their own greatness. The 8 qualities that make a person great and how they can cultivate each one in their own lives will be shared here.

Your Voice, Your Force

The voice is the most powerful human instrument but it’s also the most abused, misused, and taken-for-granted one. Here, Mr. Gonzales shall share his 20 years of expertise in ‘the voice’ so that young people can use theirs to become an inspiration to their fellow youth.

Passion-driven Work

Many people peg success by how famous a person is or how much money he/she has. But at the end of the day, it’s all about doing something that has a positive impact on other people. The true meaning of success and how this can be used to live a life of greatness and excellence will be talked about here.

Financing and Investing

Mr. Gonzales’ take on what it means to ‘invest’ will have the audience thinking not only about the financial aspect of their life but also about the meaning of life beyond their material wealth.

I Will Innovate

What does it mean to ‘innovate’? The word gets thrown around nowadays as if it’s only about technology. Innovation means so much more than just creating a better version of what’s already existing. Here, the 3 rules of innovation and how they can be applied to the various aspects of one’s life shall be shared.

Effective Communication

Most gaps in relationships, whether personal, professional, or among nations, can be resolved or even prevented if only we know what it really means to communicate. This goes beyond teaching people about words, voice, and body language and introduces communication principles designed to build real rapport and create open and trusting relationships.

Voice Acting in IT and ICT

This talk is for Information Technology (IT), Multimedia Arts, Web Development, and other similar courses students so they can gain better appreciation of the importance of voice in the digital world.

The Future of Youth Media and Campus Journalism

The campus is a great resource for stories and content that are made by youth and for the youth. However, will broadcast and print media become obsolete because of the World Wide Web and apps? Here, the students will be enlightened on the role of broadcast media in the digital world and how it can be maximized further for positive social change.


The world of Google reflex and on-demand multimedia has caused young people to clamor for instant gratification now more than ever. In this inspirational talk, Mr. Gonzales shall share his personal experience as a volunteer, as a voice artist, as a broadcaster, and even as a motivational speaker to encourage the youth to discover their passions, skills, and talents through the power of volunteer work.

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