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Mr. Gonzales’ Public Speaking and Corporate Training Programs for Teachers

by The Voice Master, Pocholo Gonzales

Voice Care for Teachers

Here, Mr. Gonzales helps teachers save their voice and their career with a workshop on voice care. The science of the voice is discussed and tips and exercises to help teachers protect their most valuable teaching tool are given.

Voice Acting for Effective Teaching

Voice is both a science and an art and when it comes to teaching the youth today, it’s crucial to learn the speaking principles that would make teaching more engaging and memorable. The arts of voice acting, storytelling, and public speaking for a 3D classroom learning experience are going to be taught.

Understanding Generation Z

Teachers and parents alike face the challenge of being the last low-tech generation to teach the first high-tech generation. A guide on how today’s students live, think, and behave is going to be provided so that teachers will better understand how to teach them. 21st-century teaching methods such as gamification and kinesthetic learning will also be shared for a more real-life learning.

Teachnology: The Future of Education

Teaching is one of the professions that technology can never replace. However, teachers that use technology can easily replace those who don’t. How to use technology, in conjunction with textbooks and lesson plans, will be learned.

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