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by The Voice Master, Pocholo Gonzales

Passion + Purpose = Profit

If you’d like to run a successful business, you need to ask the right questions and have the right answers. Most people make the mistake of focusing on the business that’s trending or what would attract more money instead of finding out the kind of business that would get them excited to work on every morning. Here, the process on how to identify one’s passion and how that passion can be turned into something profitable in the future.

Branding Your Business

In a world where you can rise to fame swiftly and be forgotten just as fast, it’s very important to remember that ‘branding’ is the new marketing. Here, branding expertise and how it can be used online and offline to establish a brand that will be remembered and remembered first shall be shared.

Freelancing Anything

Freelancing is a new business model that enables people to use their talents and skills to create a passion-driven business. Mr. Gonzales’ own experience as a freelance voice artist and how freelancers can leverage the power of branding, social media, and media to thrive in the freelancing world.

Leading the Business

Whether self-employed, a small business, or a corporation, leadership is an important quality of any entrepreneur. The power of influence and how the success of a business rises and falls with its leadership shall be talked about here.

The Business of Coaching and Public Speaking

Perhaps, one of the ways that one can create a passion-driven business is to teach others about their skills and passion. As the founder of the first and only voice acting school in the Philippines, Mr. Gonzales shall share how to build a business based on one’s passion the way he established the first and only voice acting school in the Philippines.

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