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Mr. Gonzales’ Personality Development Programs

by The Voice Master, Pocholo Gonzales

Knowing your Why

The saddest thing in life is to wake up every morning without knowing the whys. Most people get stuck in a routine, living their daily life on autopilot without a sense of fulfillment and passion. That’s why it’s very important to discover one’s life purpose so that everything one does has a reason. In this talk, the audience won’t only be inspired to discover their purpose but will also be given a simple process on how to do it.

Goal-Achieving Workshop

We all know the importance of having goals. In fact, most of us have already developed the practice of setting goals. However, how many of us actually achieve those goals? In this seminar, the audience will be taught the system that brings people from being goal-setters to goal-achievers.

The Magic of Rapport

Every relationship is built on effective communication and effective communication is all about having rapport with the other person. Rapport is defined as total responsiveness between 2 people through the use of communication principles and practices. In this training, Mr. Gonzales’ expertise in effective communication shall be shared including presentation and public speaking.

Leading Without a Title

With his extensive work as a volunteer and a leader of volunteers, Mr. Gonzales has learned through firsthand experience that leadership is all about INFLUENCE. Influence gets people to buy into a vision and do their part to realize that vision. Now, he shares through this motivational talk the principles to cultivate influence so that one can also become a leader even without the position.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Life only has one law and that’s you become what you think about. Most people have the ‘victim’ mentality. They blame people, things, and situations without taking accountability for their own role on how their life turns out. In this talk, Mr. Gonzales shall help people understand how to shift their paradigm so they can attract their heart’s deepest desires.

Simplify your Life: Life Hacks for Productivity

Time Management. This word gets thrown around a lot, especially in organizations. However, can we really manage time? Will finishing a task extra fast gain us extra time? In this day and age where we can become busy both online and offline, the audience will be taught how to manage their time, 21st-century style.

Baby Steps for Massive Success: A Talk on Personal Effectiveness

One of the reasons most people don’t get what they want in life isn’t because they fail to take massive action but because they fail to establish habits and daily life patterns that are programmed for success. Here, the power of habits and how greatness can be cultivated by doing the right small things the right way shall be talked about.

Measuring Worth, NOT Wealth

This is a motivational talk about the true meaning of greatness and excellence, by upgrading one’s worth.

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