The Leader in EnterTRAINment and Development

Team Management and Organization Speaker in the Philippines


A Team Management and Organization Speaker in the Philippines

  • Leadership 101: What we need to know first
    • Respect to get respect in return
      • How to get respect
        • Role-model worth-emulating positive actions
        • Respect their interests and other priorities
        • Level the field
        • Show consistency of actions
    • Earn people’s trust
      • How to earn trust
        • Be transparent
        • Empower people
        • Set expectations
        • Give people assurance
        • Always align your words and actions
    • Provide S.M.A.R.T.E.R. feedback
      • Power steps on how to give SMARTER feedback
    • Love and solicit feedback yourself
    • Create an environment where your people are HCS
      • Happy
      • Contented
      • Satisfied
      • How to create this environment
        • Work hard, play harder
        • Promote an environment that supports their motivations and inspirations
        • Establish a support system
        • Discourage favoritism, bias, inequality, and cliques
        • Support their growth and development
    • Develop a work and personal relationship with your people
      • How to develop a harmonious relationship with your people
        • Don’t just know them. Know about them.
        • Encourage but regulate socialization
        • Know when to get serious and when to loosen up
        • Be a human being, a person
        • Topple down the hierarchy but set the boundaries.
    • The CONNECT™ Strategy in Managing and Organizing Our Team
      • Connect what they do and what they ought to accomplish to the bigger picture that benefits all.
      • Connect the process to the outcome.
      • Connect your motivational strategies to what triggers their motivation.
        • Get their buy-in
        • Trigger their motivation
        • Plan their development
      • Connect them to their tasks and the organization’s desired results
        • RAAEM Method
          • Responsibility
          • Accountability
          • Authority
          • Expectation
          • Motivation/Inspiration
        • Manage their performance
          • Check on them every now and then
          • Provide them with a support system
          • Give feedback regularly
          • Motivate and inspire them constantly
      • Connect them and the leadership – the people at the top
        • How to connect the followers and leaders
          • Bridge the gap between the top, the middle, and the bottom
            • Provide updates constantly and openly
          • Reorient them on the organization’s vision, mission, and values
      • Connect them to opportunities
        • Different strategies to provide growth and development
          • Sit down and talk
            • Progression Plan
          • Mentor them
          • Educate, equip, encourage, and empower them = Escorting them to Success
          • Challenge them
          • Have them experience knowledge, skills, and attitude-enhancing learning events
      • Connect their problems to their own solutions and your recommendations
      • Connect yourself to them
        • How to be looked up to
          • Display positive attitude
          • User power words
          • Be competent, capable, and deserving
      • Connect their motivation to the organization’s working environment
        • World’s Coolest Workplaces
      • Connect your members to one another
        • How to connect people
          • Team Building
          • Team Culture Building
          • Effective Communication
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