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Job Interview Speaker in the Philippines


Job Interview Speaker in the Philippines

  • Interview Process
    • Before
      • All you need to do is KNOW
        • Know yourself thoroughly before the interviewer does.
          • Strengths and Areas for Improvement
          • Success and Failures
          • Who you want to be and who you don’t want to be
        • Know the company you’re applying at.
          • Visit their website
          • Google their company
          • Check out their social media accounts
        • Know the position you’re applying for.
          • Study the job description.
          • Understand all words.
          • Clarify any questions you have about it.
        • Know how to compose an effective resume.
          • Review your resume.
          • Align your content with the job description.
          • Impress but don’t overdo it.
        • Know how to answer FAQs.
          • Tell me about yourself.
          • What are your greatest strengths? How about weaknesses?
          • What was the biggest challenge you’ve ever faced?
          • What would your classmates or professors tell us about you?
          • Where do you see yourself five years from now?
          • What do you know about our company?
          • Why do you want to work for us?
          • Why should we hire you?
        • Know how to execute your game plan.
          • Practice by yourself.
          • Practice with others.
          • Imagine the situation.
        • Know what to prepare.
          • Extra resumes.
          • Portfolio.
          • Yourself.
        • Know you have to get enough sleep.
    • During
      • Impress by treating other employees nicely.
        • Security guard
        • Receptionist
        • Any other person you will encounter
      • Overcome the jitters (4 Cs of Managing Nervousness)
        • Calm yourself.
        • Condition your mind.
        • Be and look Confident.
        • Converse well.
      • Observe essential etiquette.
        • Shake firmly.
        • Wait to be seated.
        • Don’t smoke beforehand.
        • Never say anything negative about former classmates and professors.
        • Put your devices on silent mode.
        • Mind your body language.
    • After
      • Post-interview Best Practices


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