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Customer Service Speaker in the Philippines


Customer Service Speaker in the Philippines


  1. Thou shalt put the customer at the center of your product or service design, delivery, and pricing.
  2. Thou shalt put thyself in thy customer’s shoes.
  3. Thou shalt present thy product or service well.
  4. Thou shalt always put thy best foot forward.
  5. Thou shalt have the propensity to serve and take care of thy customers.
  6. Thou shalt have the positive pride in thyself, company, products, or services.
  7. Thou shalt have passion in order to provide thy customers a great experience.
  8. Thou shalt not only establish customer value but also contribute positive values.
  9. Thou shalt coach, mentor, or train thy personnel on the knowledge, skills, and attitude of customer service.
  10. Thou shalt always try to meet thy customers’ expectations based on commitments.


Customer Service Speaker in the Philippines

Specific Purpose: To level up their current inventory of knowledge and competencies in the practice of their demanding profession by:

  • Building a winning team with the management and colleagues
  • Inspiring them to greater self-confidence
  • Managing difficult people
  • Improving working relationships
  • Making their job more meaningful

Central Idea: For them to know, understand, appreciate, and apply the important factors or components of providing excellent customer service to their superiors, internal clients (colleagues), and external customers

  1. INTRODUCTION – 10 to 15 minutes
    1. (Attention Getter) – 10 minutes
      1. Known brand of greeting people and setting the mood of the event with comedic twists
      2. Ice-breaker: The Hand Shake of Awesomeness
      3. Segue: It is difficult and impossible to improve our Customer Service cognitive skills, competencies, and character if we don’t appreciate the value that the act brings to us and the people around us. Therefore, it is important that we possess the PASSION TO SERVE and it comes from having the desire and drawing happiness, contentment and satisfaction from providing world-class customer service. HAPPY DANCE
  1. (Preview) – 5 minutes
    1. In our relationship with our boss, co-workers and clients, THREE elements are factored in to become the best customer service ambassador that we can be. They are:
      1. What we say (Verbal)
      2. How we say what we say (Vocal)
      3. How we look when we say what we say (Visual)
  1. BODY (The Essential Elements of Customer Service) – 40 minutes
  1. What we say (20 minutes)
    1. POSITIVE SCRIPTING: Disagreements, conflicts, and service dissatisfaction all result from no thinking first before one speaks. Therefore, it is important that secretaries, when they speak on behalf of their bosses over the phone, interacting with people in person, or relating with other people, now how to frame their thoughts positively.


  • How to say NO to the boss, co-workers, and even clients without even using or saying the word
    • ‘I love to but I can’t’ spiel
    • The ‘Paawa’ spiel
    • The ‘I regret to’ spiel
      1. PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION OVER THE PHONE AND IN PERSON: We are our boss’s representative and it is crucial that we reflect them positively. When we interact with others thru phone and face-to-face, world-class customer service must be in action.


  • Professional Opening (HOT Method or High-Impact Opening Technique)
  • R.E.T.T.Y. (Standard for Putting Callers on Hold)
  • Professional Opening (Closing with Impact)
  1. How we say it (5 minutes)
    1. INTONATION: How we say what we say is an important element of customer service. Even if our words are carefully thought, but our delivery is off, the result still spells disaster.


  • Make the right emotions sound
  1. How we look (10 to 15 minutes)

The last important element of giving our boss, co-workers, and clients a wonderful treatment and experience is How We Look. What others see on the outside is as critical as the vocal and verbal elements.

  1. FACIAL EXPRESSIONS/BODY LANGUAGE: Here, the audience will be given pieces of advice on how to act or behave professionally when speaking with their boss, co-workers from other departments, and of course client from outside
    1. Eyes (Background song: God Gave Me You)
    2. Mouth
    3. Head
    4. Body Language
    5. Hands (Background song: Spandau Ballet)

III. CONCLUSION – 5 to 10 minutes

  1. The Action Step
    1. (Summary)
      1. The scope of roles and responsibilities of secretaries and administrative professional nowadays has widened and evolved to involve becoming customer service ambassadors on behalf of their boss they work with and the organization they belong to
      2. Therefore, it is essential that they value, master, and incorporate into their skillset customer service knowledge, skills, and attitude that provide value to the organization and the customers.
    2. (Call to Action) The event is a celebration of their contributions to and accomplishments for their bosses and their respective companies. We will make them special by empowering them to believe that they are not only secretaries now. They are future leaders and that they secretary rule the world. They will be rallied to action by making them dance to the tune of Beyonce’s Run the World


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