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Motivational Speaker on Sales Enhancement in the Philippines


Event Goal:

To equip sales agents more in order to bring up the numbers of the company and enhance their personal targets as well.

Talk Objectives:

In order to achieve the goal, the talk should be able to discuss and focus on:

  1. Building up their sales
  2. Giving them a clear picture of the current status of the real estate industry in the Philippines
  3. How to enhance the company and its sales agents’ relationship


Talk Highlights


Talking Points Specifics
Opening The speaker will great the audience, congratulate the organizers of the event for putting it all together, and introduce the talk by sharing funny anecdotes related to the focuses and talking about the purpose of the talk (this is where he describes the current status of the real estate industry in the Philippines), enlivening the participants for them to pay attention, and exchanging pleasantries utilizing safely his usual brand of making use of professional humor, stand-up comedy, and antics.
#1: Know your customers and know some more. Don’t just know their names, their numbers, their job, and how much they earn. That’s being selfish. To identify with your customers more and to know how to deal with their different personalities; tendencies; and demands, make an effort to connect to them.
#2: Take it from the heart and they will entrust to you their funds §  Be sincerely friendly with them but don’t forget you’re still not friends. Be likeable but know your limits.

§  Do it the same way a close friend will talk to or treat his/her friend.

#3: Help people and you will never have to worry about selling. §  Be a problem-solver and not a sales-hogger. Help them figure out how they could afford or pay the down-payment now or eventually. Those who can’t pay right away may not be potential customers now but they could be likely customers in the future.

§  Be a property consultant and not a sales agent. Talk about their needs. Determine and provide them by answering their questions and providing sound advice and workable recommendations.

§  Always make it a win-win situation. Make it apparent in what you say, how you behave, and what you do that both of you will benefit. You get a sale and they get what they need and dream for in life. If a compromise or a trade-off is possible, meet halfway.

#4: Make them look ahead and they will act now Talk about how the investment will benefit them a lot down the line. Think of both short-term and long-term advantages and emphasize them in your conversations.
#5: Don’t sell a dwelling. Offer a great dealing. You sell a house, but that is just the outcome of doing something better for them which is offering and adding value to them and their lives. People who put selling and sales at the center of what they do are missing the point.
#6: Take care of your customers/clients and they will take care of you too. §  Show that you are sincere and you are concerned. Do whatever it takes you are allowed to do and that’s legal and help them get the hindrances to buying out of the way.

§  Provide excellent customer care and go the extra mile if the situation calls for it.

#7: Leverage modern-day creativity and innovation. §  Upgrade your marketing and sales know-how with the most recent techniques and strategies.

§  Maximize social media platform and internet marketing tools.

#8: Always motivate yourself to better performance and inspire yourself with people you look up to. §  Employee’s role: Have a dream for yourself and your loved ones and getting more motivated and inspired to bring in more sales will never have to be a complicated thing to do.

§  Company’s role: Support both your internal and external sales teams. Connect performance to rewards and recognitions.

§  This is where he also explains how the company and its sellers can collaborate on things to beat the competition and win more customers.

#9: Never discriminate nor assume in sales or you will regret it. Don’t pre-judge who the potential buyer is based on what you see on the outside. You don’t know people personally yet. Don’t judge the book by its cover. Treat everyone as a potential buyer until you find otherwise through your qualifiers.
#10: Don’t compete with the competition. Make the competition compete with you. What can set you apart from your competitors? How can you make yourself unique without increasing your price, developing substandard projects, making the transaction complicated, and inconveniencing your customers?
Closing The facilitator will rally the people to be inspired, to follow all 10 pieces of advice on building up more sales, and to collaborate with the company to achieve its goal so they can benefit too and realize their own personal dreams.

The facilitator will end with having everybody stand up and dance with him to the tune of “I GOTTA FEELING” by the Black Eyed Peas and rally the people and make them crazy about overcoming their challenges, outperforming themselves this current year, defying the odds and achieving their and the company’s goals.


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