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A Corporate EnterTrainment on Inbound Telesales


Not because an interested customer is calling in that there is already an assurance that the person will buy from the company.

Even though the transaction is an inbound call, a lot of potential buyers still back out because of the telesales employees’ inability to understand the customer’s needs, match them with the right products and services, and convince them that it is one of their best life decisions to invest in their choice.

This one-day corporate training will equip them with the right and competent knowledge, skills, and attitude to correct, replace, or upgrade their current competencies and close more sales on inbound calls.


By the end of this corporate EnterTrainment, the participants should have been able to:

  • Close sales during inbound calls
  • Deal with different clients that present different challenges
  • Convince inquiring customers to invest in their offered packages and services


This Corporate EnterTrainment is best taken advantage of by:

  1. Corporate talents providing customer service over the phone
  2. Telesales and telemarketing employees accepting inbound calls of customers inquiring about products and services or already interested in purchasing such products and services.


MODULE I: Master your product or service

  • How well do you know your product or service?
    • Have you experienced it?
    • Can you differentiate its purpose and its competitive edge?
    • Can you differentiate its competitive edge and what they will miss out on?
    • Do you know its areas for improvement?

MODULE II: Master the company you work for

  • How well do you know your company?
    • Do you know and appreciate its competitive edge?
    • Do you know and appreciate its history?
    • Do you know by heart and practice its vision, mission, and value statements?
    • Do you know about reviews, testimonials, and endorsements about the company?

MODULE III: Master your market

  • How well do you know their Frequently Asked Questions?
  • Have you studied and understood their psychology and behavior?
    • Cultural Factors
    • Social Factors
    • Personal Factors
    • Psychological Factors
  • Do you keep in mind their expectations?
    • Customer Need Analysis

MODULE IV: Master your sales process

  • Needs Assessment
    • Factors that Drive Purchase
    • How to Assess Customer Needs
  • Presentation
    • Paraphrasing or Recapping
    • Customer Focus Approach
  • Meeting Objections and Challenges
    • Common Objections and their Corresponding Rebuttals
    • Concur – Cross-examine – Counter Approach (CCC)
  • Gaining Commitment
    • We’d Do Anything Technique
    • Here’s the Deal Technique
    • Think of It This way Technique
    • It’s Your Choice Technique
    • Poor Me Technique
  • Follow-up
    • Best Practices for Effective Follow-up

MODULE V: Master not relying on scripts

  • How relying on scripts is bad

MODULE VI: Master negotiation

  • Negotiation Skills
    • Trade-off
    • Alternative
    • Expectation
    • Consequence
    • Agreement
    • Compromise

MODULE VII: Master communication

  • Verbal Communication
    • Delivery
      • Communication Fillers
      • Clarity
      • Confidence
      • Content
    • Pace
  • Language Skills
    • Pronunciation
    • Grammar
    • Intonation

MODULE VIII: Master Active Listening

  • Six Fs of Active Listening
    • Focus
    • Feel
    • Fact find
    • Let them Finish
    • Never Foretell
    • Formulate

MODULE IX: Master asking supportive questions

  • Asking the right questions

MODULE X: Master yourself

  • How do we master yourself to possess the confidence and the convincing power?
    • Best practices in mastering oneself
    • Self-criticism
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