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Telesales and Telephone Customer Service Training in the Philippines


A Corporate EnterTrainment on Mastering Results-oriented Customer Service and Sales Over the Phone

EnterTrainment Overview:

Multitasking providing excellent customer service and creating revenues for the company is no doubt an overwhelming and challenging job not to mention when they are done using the telephone for both inbound and outbound calls.

For one, offering the best customer service already demands a lot. Of course, callers dial in with their own personal reasons for calling and with different challenging dispositions and high expectations. The agent must already deal with the person’s intent for calling and current mood or attitude. Secondly, there is the pressure of closing a sale, which is not easy to accomplish. Not because an inbound caller may be interested that there is readily an assurance he/she will buy. What more if it is the agent who makes an outgoing call in which the person on the line might have no interest at all.

This one-day Telesales and Telephone Customer Service Training in the Philippines will Entertrain the EnterTrainees on the needed cognitive skills competencies, and character to make customer happy, satisfied, and contented while convincing them to purchase the product or service on hand.

This EnterTrainment is best taken advantage of by:

  1. Inbound/outbound telesales or telemarketing agents
  2. Telephone customer service or customer care representatives
  3. Even face-to-face or in-person sales and customer service employees

EnterTrainment Goal:

 The goal of this EnterTrainment is to educate, equip, encourage, engage, entertain, empower, and escort to success the EnterTrainees with the needed knowledge, skills, and attitude to provide the best customer service to both inbound and outbound callers while professionally and effectively convincing them to purchase from the company needed products and services.

EnterTrainment Objectives:

By the end of this one-day corporate training, the participants should have been able to:

  1. Serve their customers over the phone using world-class practices in greeting, customer needs assessment, responding appropriately and intelligently, calling to action, wrapping up, etc.
  2. Close a sale in every opportunity they have with either an incoming or outgoing caller using proven strategies in telesales and telemarketing.
  3. Love their job so the passion in what they do translates to passion for oneself and profits for the company.

EnterTrainment Highlights:

Session 1: The H.O.T. Method in Opening a Call

  • Focus and prepare
  • Predict success
  • Sound passionate and smile
  • Build rapport early
  • Thank them for their time


 Session 2: Performing Customer Needs Assessment

  • Listening actively
  • The power of probing: Asking the right questions the right way

Session 3: Matching the Customer’s Needs with the Right Product/Service

  • Responding appropriately, accurately, and correspondingly
  • Knowing what to say, how to say what to say, and how to look

Session 4: Best Practices in Telesales

  • Think like a customer: How does a customer think? How do they decide to buy or not to buy? What makes customers purchase?
  • Mirroring techniques
  • The power of meeting half way: lessons on negotiation
  • Mastery method in sales: proven techniques and strategies in making sales

Session 5: Establishing a Relationship: A Key to Closing Sales Over the Phone

  • Building rapport over the phone

Session 6: Call Handling

  • The P.R.E.T.T.Y. method in placing customers on hold
  • Call control tips

Session 7: Closing the Call with Impact

  • Extending help
  • Leaving a lasting impact

EnterTrainment Features:

This Entertrainment comes with interactive discussions, concept applications, fun training-related icebreakers and energizers, sales simulations, and a lot of laughter and excitement!

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