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Digital Marketing Training in the Philippines

Digital Marketing Training in the Philippines


A One-day Corporate EnterTRAINment on Digital Marketing in the Philippines

by partner speaker, trainer, and consultant, Mr. Marlon Molmisa.


As the world is changing, our approach in business is also upgrading. It is evident in our emerging culture that the digital movement is a big thing. Our old style of selling and marketing is far different from the latest trends in our society. Although there are still effective, classic multi-generational marketing strategies in our current world, many experts would agree that it is six times more productive if we are able to “decode” and practice the techniques of digital marketing.

Far from the belief of most business owners, principles behind digital marketing are just basic, simple, and doable. It only takes consistency, constant evaluation, agility, and calculated risks to hit your sales target through online marketing.

In this training, the trainer-facilitator shall share the best practices of online marketing in every aspect of the digital world namely website building, blogging, social media, Youtube, etc. He/she will explain the concepts of digital marketing through the 4Hs framework – Head (information that you need to know), Hand (skills that you need to learn), Heart (emotions that you need to stimulate), and Habits (consistency that you need to build). 



At the end of this one-day training, the beneficiaries should have:

  • Explored the different platforms which they can use online to market and sell your products and services;
  • Identified the effective marketing strategies (online and offline) for your business;
  • Built a system flowchart on how they can turn your digital marketing initiatives to closed deals and sales;
  • Equipped themselves in building more engaging contents on social media and/or websites;
  • Developed their digital marketing skills as well-rounded and relevant to the organization;
  • Minimized your marketing costs while they maximize their sales potentials through learning the latest trends in digital marketing. 



In this one-day training, the beneficiaries and the organization will be able to:

  • DISCOVER the secrets and the latest trends in Digital Marketing;
  • DECIDE which kind of online and offline marketing can be applied to your current business set-up;
  • BUILD an online marketing flowchart that can help you generate leads and closed deals;
  • COLLABORATE relevant ideas and skills with their colleagues to achieve your marketing plan;
  • ACHIEVE your sales targets through digital marketing.




  • Marketing to Digital Marketing
  • History of Digital Marketing
  • Myths About Digital Marketing
  • Offline vs Online Marketing
  • 4Hs and the Different Platforms of Digital Marketing
    • Website
    • Blog
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Youtube
    • Twitter
    • Email
    • Online forum
    • E-commerce Site
    • Others

MODULE II: HEAD (Information that you need to know)

  • Website: The SEO
  • Blog: The Content
  • Facebook: The Algorithm
  • Instagram: The Hashtags
  • Youtube: The Vlog
  • Twitter: The Trend
  • Email: The Blast
  • Online Forum: The Networks
  • E-commerce Site: The Target

MODULE III: HAND (Skills that you need to learn)

  • Website: How and What to Build?
  • Blog: How and What to Write?
  • Facebook: How to Engage and What to Post?
  • Instagram: Which Photos and How to Share It to the World?
  • Youtube: How to be an Online Rockstar?
  • Twitter: How to be Trending?
  • Email: How to Make Business?
  • Online Forum: How to Connect?
  • E-commerce Site: How to Build Clients?

MODULE IV: HEART (Emotions that you need to stimulate)

  • Website: The Love at First Sight
  • Blog: The Staying Factor
  • Facebook: The Trust and Respect
  • Instagram: The Eye of the Beholder
  • Youtube: The WOW Experience
  • Twitter: The Big Bang
  • Email: The First Impression
  • Online Forum: The Brilliant Ideas
  • E-commerce Site: The ‘I need it’ Feeling

MODULE V: HABIT (Consistency that you need to build)

  • Website: Update, Update, Update
  • Blog: Write, Write, Write
  • Facebook: Jab, Jab, Right Hook
  • Instagram: Picture, Tag, Picture
  • Youtube: Publish, Engage, Publish
  • Twitter: Follow, Tweet, Follow
  • Email: Encode, Blast, Blast
  • Online Forum: Connect, Speak, Explore
  • E-commerce Site: Fire, Aim, Ready, Fire


  • Identifying Investment vs Expense
  • Digital Marketing Framework and Flowchart based on the Current Business Set-up (Workshop and Collaborative Work)
  • What’s Next? Digital Marketing Projections



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