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Cold Calling Training in the Philippines


A One-day Corporate EnterTraining on Cold Calling for Telesales or Telemarketing


To train the target participants on how to leverage cold calling in signing up potential customers or clients.


In order to attain the goal by the end of this training program, the participants should have been able to:

  1. Understand how any random person thinks when called and use that comprehension to one’s advantage
  2. Grab the potential customer’s attention and convert that attention into interest and desire;
  3. Apply the time and situation-tested verbiage in cold calling and telesales or telemarketing;
  4. Convert a candidate into an enticed and committed long-term client using effective methods in cold calling and telesales or telemarketing
  5. Appreciate cold calling as an effective method in developing additional business for the company.


Interactive discussions, practice activities, and symbolic icebreakers will revolve around the following strategies:

PART I: Cold Calling is what you think of it.

Rationale: Cold calling and its results are what one thinks of it, what one makes of it, and how one is open to it. If the person does not believe it is an effective strategy or first step in closing a deal, it is not really going to serve its purpose.

PART II: Know and know more about your qualified candidate and leverage it.

Rationale: A cold caller who doesn’t know, understand, and appreciate a prospect’s psychology or mentality already loses the business even before he opens his mouth.

PART III: Know how your service would fit into your candidate’s needs and expectations

PART IV: Have a goal and a plan in mind; not a script. It’s all about being conversational.

Rationale: The key to successful cold calling is not sounding as if you’re selling something but that you are only offering help and guidance through solutions. Thus, it’s all about not delivering a spiel but just knowing how your conversation will and should flow.

PART V: The consultative and collaborative approach to offering help and guidance

Rationale: Cold calling is needs-based. One must develop introductory spiels and questions that unearth prospects’ personal and work problems, difficulties, and areas for improvement that the product/service can offer a solution, option, or answer to.

PART VI: Build rapport + establish connection = TRUST

Rationale: A cold call is a conversation, not a sales pitch. If a cold caller is successful in building an initial relationship with the prospect, he already closes half of the deal.

PART VII: Exchanging clients/customers/values is the best proposition

Rationale: Some people think bragging about a product or a service’s benefits and advantages is the only technique that does the trick. Educated prospects still don’t budge. The best technique to get their attention, which transitions to interest and which then escalates to desire is, putting them in a win-win scenario where you gain and they gain back.

PART VIII: Don’t be defensive, be offensive.

One major challenge of cold callers is handling their prospect’s objections. One dangerous tendency is being defensive and protecting the company’s reputation and the features and benefits of the product or service to a fault that being an advisor or consultant is being set aside.

PART IX: A cold-caller is a recorder

PART X: Be your own sales coach

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