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Accounts Management Training in the Philippines


A Corporate EnterTrainment on Sales Enhancement and Account Management

By partner speaker, Coach Randy Esguerra

DURATION: One (1) day


FEATURES: Interactive Discussion, Realistic Examples, Immediate Application Exercises (Role Plays and Scenarios), Case Studies, and Fun Icebreakers

MATERIALS INVOLVED:  For Immediate Application Activities


In the “Selfie Generation”, one thing is clear. Customer preferences have changed. Their expectations are constantly evolving as well as their needs. The question is, why do we keep using the same old techniques in selling?

The nature of the sales process is, in fact, creative. A good salesperson creates demand where it doesn’t exist. He or she creates a message (the sales pitch) using various media (face calls, telephone calls, written presentations, slide shows, etc.) that influence an audience (the prospect). A salesperson explores new territories (cold calls), introduces new ways of thinking (persuades prospects) and makes the world a better place (provides customer satisfaction).

This learning session will help the participants, first, in understanding how these needs have changed over time and secondly, how the new-age sales person can better adapt to create the best way on how to respond and eventually exceed these demands.


The specific objectives of this unique fun-filled learning experience are:

  • What drives the mindset of the “Now” customer;
  • Why the old selling techniques won’t work;
  • To see how technology can be maximized in generating more sales;
  • To debunk the biggest mistakes of sales people;
  • To understand the power of referrals; and
  • To know why some companies get repeat sales while some don’t.


 A. The Ever Evolving Needs of the Customer

From technology to retail shopping, there exists a phenomenon called “interruptive innovation” – the game is changing, the language is shifting. From those changes, the needs and the medium of communication transcend more than just hashtags.

B. Why You Should Not Try to Impress People and They Are Not Easily Impressed

One of the biggest mistakes of salespeople (and public speaking) is trying to impress people. Unfortunately, the customer nowadays is not so easy to be swayed by big words and technical jargons. What does the modern salesman need to do to win that Purchase Order?

C. The Old and the New ABCs of Selling

From Always Be Closing to now Attunement, Buoyancy and Clarity, selling has departed from the Glengarry Glenross technique. Customers have seen it all, but why are you still stuck in your old ways?

D. Key Value Levers, What Differentiates You From the Competition

If price is not an issue, what else can you give that makes you stand out? We’ll give you 11 different ways

E. You Can’t Predict the Future, You Need to Listen First

You don’t need an entire creative team to back you up on innovation. The one thing that great companies do have is an acute sense of listening. But why do a lot of sales people miss this very important trait? The answer lies in our own lack of willingness to put the customer first.

F. How Great Companies Created Demand Not Supply

It is either you sell what you have or you make the customer crave for what has not even come out yet.

G. Sticking to Your Guns: The 7 Ways to Fascinate People

You can’t sell to everybody. That is a fact. But if you do sell, who do you prioritize first? Sally Hogshead teaches us the 7 ways to create charisma

H. The Story of Resumes and Company Profiles and Why They Don’t Work • If you haven’t noticed, product presentations are terribly boring all due to the salesman who thinks he needs to labor through the entire company history. Your clients have seen it all. The problem is you think every sales call is their first time. How do you create interest right from the get-go of the initial meeting?

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