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Productivity Training in the Philippines

Productivity Training in the Philippines


A Corporate EnterTrainment on Work Efficiency and Productivity


By the end of this corporate training, the participants should have been able to:

  1. Solve day-to-day problems and overcome work-related challenges that they encounter in the nature of their work
  2. Act as leaders and managers in their own rights even at their level in terms of leading, motivating, planning, and organizing oneself
  3. Communicate effectively with other people in order to produce effective results in the most efficient manner
  4. Manage oneself and priorities to enhance performance and productivity and bolster up the company’s profitability.


Highlights of the Program
Topics Description Timeline
Communicate Effectively, Compete Efficiently

–       Understand them more to be understood in return

–       Assertiveness, How to sound firm yet friendly

o    Positive Scripting

o    Tone of Voice

–       Dealing with different difficult people

o    Driving forces behind customers’ expectations

o    How to deliver bad news positively

It is very important that they know how to communicate effectively whatever their mood or state of mind is.

Therefore, it is important that they understand how their customers behave and what they think that dictate their actions.

Also, it is necessary that they know how to respond with professionalism and optimism through positive phrasing and intonation regardless of the personality and emotions of their customers.

Lastly, this module will train them on how to handle different people with different personalities by understanding what defines their varied expectations and how to deliver bad news positively.

3 hours
Self-Leadership and Self-Management

–       Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling Functions of Self-Management

–       Priorities Management

o    Sleeping Time Management

o    Task Categorization

o    Time Allocation

o    Self-Discipline

o    Personal Motivation and Inspiration

The employees will be trained on the basic functions of a manager or a leader and how they can apply these basic characteristics in their work as a front liner or go-between for the company and for personal effectiveness and efficiency.


2 hours
Problem 101: Problems are Opportunities

–       Common problematic situations as an employee

The H.A.V.E.F.U.N. Problem Solving Process

–       Hold off judgment

–       Assess the problem

–       Visualize the whole picture again

–       Enquire within/from within

–       Figure/find out a way

–       Utilize/use the best way

–       Notice the flaws in the chosen way

Process Monitoring and Evaluation

–       Monitor the progress

–       Assess the problem as you go through the steps

–       Give yourself feedback to correct areas for improvement and improve phases

–       Test hypotheses

The employees will be educated about treating problems as challenges, which in turn leads to opportunities.

This problem solving model was self-conceptualized by Mr. Myron Sta. Ana. This is pretty much like any other problem solving procedures. The only difference is that it’s not just what you do, it’s also how you do it and what your state of mind is as you do it. They will be trained on how to approach problems while having fun at the same time.

As the employees undergo H.A.V.E.F.U.N.™, it is important that they perform formative evaluation at the same time. It will be discussed further through interactive communication and application exercises.

1.5 hours
Stress Management

–       How to remain positive at work

–       Ways on how to avoid, manage, or combat stress

The participants will be given proactive and reactive strategies tips on how to avoid, manage, or combat stress in the workplace. 1 hour
Total Training/Facilitation Time (Exclusive of Meal and Bio Breaks) 7.5 hours
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