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Problem Solving and Decision Making Training in the Philippines

Problem Solving and Decision Making Training in the Philippines


Problem Solving and Decision Making Training in the Philippines

Problem Solving and Decision Making Training in the Philippines

A Corporate EnterTrainment on Solving Problems and Making Decisions Using the H.A.V.E.F.U.N. (HAVE FUN) Model

The FUN and COOL Way of Solving Problems in the 21st Century

Problem Solving and Decision Making


To learn, value, and apply the simple yet more contemporary way of tackling problems in life and in the workplace.



At the end of the learning session, the participants should be able to:

  1. Be well-versed in the key steps of solving a problem regardless how simple or complicated it is;
  2. Value the entire process of solving a problem using the H.A.V.E. F.U.N. framework or model
  3. Apply each key component or step of the process by being given problematic work-related scenarios



MODULE I: Problem 101: A Problem is an Opportunity

MODULE II: Common Problematic Situations in the Workplace:

MODULE III: Skills Required to Analyze Situations and Solve Problems:

  • Data Generation and Interpretation
  • Analysis
  • Creative Thinking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Common Sense
  • Optimism
  • Determination
  • Decision-making

MODULE IV: The H.A.V.E. F.U.N. Model or Framework of Solving a Problem:

H.A.V.E. F.U.N.

  1. Hold off or back judgment
  2. Assess or analyze the problem
  3. Visualize the whole, entire, or big picture again
  4. Enquire within/from within
  5. Figure or find out the solution
  6. Use or utilize the best solution
  7. Notice flaws in the chosen solution during implementation
  8. Have fun afterwards!

MODULE V: How to Develop One’s Problem Solving Skills

  • Play mind board games;
  • Play strategic computer games
  • Fiddle with small to complex repair work
  • Solve detective stories
  • Read different references offering various problem-solving tools and techniques online
  • Give people advice or help them solve their problems
  • A lot more to come…

MOULE VI: Process Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Monitor the progress
  • Assess the problem as you go through the steps
  • Give yourself feedback to correct areas for improvement and improve phases
  • Test hypotheses
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