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Developing a High-Performing Team Training in the Philippines

Developing a High-Performing Team Training in the Philippines


A Corporate EnterTrainment on Building High-Performance Teams in the Workplace

Default Duration: Two (2) days

Customizable: Can be tailored to just one (1) day

MODULE I: TEAM 101: The True Meaning of Team and Teamwork

RATIONALE: This module ensures that all participants are aligned with what a TEAM truly is and what the true definition of TEAMWORK is. It will also open their eyes on and help them realize that they acknowledge and appreciate the upsides or benefits that valuing teamwork brings in order to develop and sustain a genuinely high-performance team and individuals



  • What do you mean by TEAM and TEAMWORK?
    • Definition of Team
      • Together, Everyone Achieves More
      • Truly Effective and Affectionate Mutual Effort
    • Definition of Teamwork
  • What is an Effective Team? Characteristics of an Effective Team
  • Multi-Stakeholder Benefits of an Effective Team
  • Stages of Team Formation and Development
    • Forming
    • Storming
    • Norming
    • Performing
    • Adjourning


MODULE II: Utilizing S.W.O.T. Analysis in Correcting and Improving Non-Performing Team

RATIONALE: This module digs deep into the strengths, areas for improvement, potentials, and challenges of teams and the people that form the team. This way, the shortcomings and the issues are brought out to be resolved, removed, corrected, or enhanced.


  • Using S.W.O.T. in Tackling Team and Individual Relationship Challenges
  • Open Forum


MODULE III: How to Make a Good Team: Maximizing Performance

RATIONALE: After knowing the strengths, areas of opportunities, potentialities, and threats of the team and the individuals that form it, this module will help the members of the team know more about their colleagues, themselves, and the team they belong to using proven best practices


  • Five Ps of High-Performance Teams
    • Personalities (Types of Individuals)
      • Can Do – Will Do
      • Can’t Do – Will Do
      • Can Do – Won’t Do
      • Can’t Do – Won’t Do
    • Preferences (Styles)
      • Communication Styles
      • Working Styles
      • Learning Styles
    • Priorities (Matching Tasks and People)
    • Principles or Points View (Leveraging People’s Expertise)
    • Purposes (The Power of Proper Delegation)


MODULE IV: Aligning People and the Team with the Company

RATIONALE: High-performance individuals and teams are those who respect and love the company’s goals, objectives, and strategic directions and love their and other people’s personal goals, objectives, and individual directions as well. This module will help them realize that there should be a marriage between/among the staff, their leaders and the company so a harmonious working relationship is established and enhanced performance is almost always assured.


  • What are the Company’s Vision, Mission, and Values?
  • What are your Team’s Vision, Mission, and Values?
  • What are your Personal Vision, Mission, and Values?
  • How are We Going to Marry All Three?


MODULE V: Establishing a Culture of Feedback-sharing and Setting Expectations

RATIONALE: The key to a high-performance team is effective communication. Therefore, leaders and members need to get used to and should make it a habit to develop a culture where they ‘feed each other back’ every step of the way and they never fail to set expectations and to back up each other during both good times and tough times. This module will focus on these significant aspects.


  • What Lack of Feedback Leads To
  • How a Culture of Feedback Benefits a Team
  • The Power of Setting Expectations
  • Active Listening and Responding Appropriately


MODULE VI: Building Friendships Within the Team

RATIONALE: The belief ‘sa trabaho, walang personalan, trabaho lang’ is so outdated and downright ‘BS’. A high-performing and genuinely-cooperative team is composed of people who don’t only have a sincere working relationship, but a realistically-unbreakable personal attachment as well that is anchored on professional maturity, assertiveness, responsibility, and interdependence. This module will reinforce this creed.


  • Empathetic Cooperation and Shared Leadership
  • Work-Life Balance


MODULE VII: How to Lead One Another to High-Performance

RATIONALE: Concepts are useless and only theoretical and ideal if the beneficiaries of this training don’t have a clue how to lead and manage themselves to be a high-performing team and highly-mature and responsible individuals. This module will serve as the know-how that will present the major take-away of the participants.


  • The TORI Team Building Model
    • Trust
    • Openness
    • Realization
    • Interdependence
  • Best Practices of Developing and Enhancing High-Performance Teams
    • Form a clear vision
    • Set aside the hierarchy and converge with all stakeholders
    • Remove all barriers to success on macro and micro levels
    • Plan steps (strategies) together
    • Share the Five As of Teamwork
      • Assignment
      • Authority
      • Accountability
      • Altitude and Aptitude
      • Attitude
    • Recognize milestones and celebrate little and big successes.
    • The Es of People Empowerment
      • Educate
      • Equip
      • Encourage
      • Engage
      • Entertain
      • Empower
      • Escort to Success
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