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Telephone Customer Service Training in the Philippines


A Corporate EnterTrainment on Customer Service Brilliance Over the Telephone


This program is a customizable training program that aims to help telephone customer service providers be the best customer service providers that they can possibly be with excellent customer service and work efficiency at the top of their priority.


  1. Listen actively to their customer’s concerns and identify with them more by understanding their concerns and empathizing with them sincerely;
  2. Probe effectively in order to determine the root cause of their customer’s concern correctly and to be able to resolve it with efficiency and urgency;
  3. Respond with carefully-thought and intelligent answers that customers will not only appreciate but that really resolve their concerns as well;
  4. Handle customers’ complaints with sensitivity, respect, patience and passion to serve;
  5. Manage the call flow and the conversation with respect for the customer’s time and regard for effectiveness and efficiency;
  6. Provide excellent customer service that the customer will commend and cherish.


  • It bridges the disparity between theories and applications and classroom learning and actual work application
  • The facilitator has years in the customer service production himself both as an agent or representative and as a trainer and supervisor
  • It is fun, interactive, unique, and interesting.
  • It has lots of activities, exercises, and games both for entertainment and application values.


Springboard Discussion: What makes a great call center agent?         

Activity: The KSA-EMJ Activity

Module I: Opening the Call         


  1. Doing it the HOT way – The High-Impact Opening Technique
  2. Benefit-Loss Activity

Module II: Listening and Comprehension

  • Barriers to Effective Listening
  • The Different Levels or Types of Listening
  • Components of Effective Listening (Hawaii PIE-O)
  • Tips for Active Listening (The Nine Fs of Active Listening)         

Activity: Listening Exercises

  • Driving Forces behind a Customer’s Expectation         


  1. Structured Learning Experience (SLE) on Listening and Comprehension
  2. Call Listening

Module III: Probing

  • Importance of Probing
  • Types of Probing Questions
  • Probing the Right Way

Activity: Solving Mystery Puzzles Using Probing

  • Paraphrasing and its Importance
  • Parroting vs Paraphrasing
  • Tips When Paraphrasing (LEAP Technique)
  • Checking the Accuracy of our Paraphrasing
  • Paraphrasing an Irate Customer’s Issue

Module IV: Responding Appropriately and Intelligently

  • Pointers for Responding Accurately (Being Conversational without Sacrificing Quality)
  • The Customer’s Perception is their Reality

Activity: Experience Sharing

  • The Seven Cs of Communication
  • Positive Scripting

Activity: Negative and Positive

  • Minding Your Tone
  • Managing Dead Air thru Small Talk

Activity: Small Talk Exercise

  • Cutting Down on Fillers

Activity: Fewest Fillers Contest

Module V: Telephone Etiquette and Courtesy

  • What are Telephone Etiquette and Telephone Courtesy?         

Activity: Watch a Funny Customer-Service Oriented Video

  • Reviewing the Proper Hold Procedure (PRETTY)
  • Displaying Telephone Courtesy

Activity: Vision-Mission-Values Activity

  • Assisting Misdirected Customers (Warm, Lukewarm, Cold)
  • Negative Consequence of Being Discourteous and Lacking Etiquette Over the Phone

Module VI: Handling Customer Complaints

Activity: Call Listening

  • Why Customers Complain
  • Dealing with Unsatisfied Customers
  • Anger Management for Agents/Employees
  • Being Assertive on the Phone

Activity: Assertiveness Test Activity

  • Pacifying an Irate Customer

Activity: The Great Egg Drop

  • Deescalating an Escalation or a Supervisor Request
  • Retaining Customers and Attracting New Ones

Module VII: Providing a Helluva Customer Service Experience

Activity: The Pep Talk Activity

  • Building Rapport – Establishing a Connection
  • Excellent Call Handling Skills
  • Personalizing a Call
  • Use of Power Words

Activity: Role Play

  • Exceeding a Customer’s Expectation/s

Module VIII: Call Control with Results

Activity: The S.E.R.V.I.C.E. Activity

  • Call Control with Results


  1. Watch the video, “Rachael Ray Calls”
  2. Multitasking Activity
  • Multitasking

Module IX: Closing a Call with Impact

  • Extending Help

Activity: Sharing Activity

  • Hot Tips on Leaving a Lasting Positive Impact

Activity: Team Call Simulation Practice

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