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Customer Relationship Training in the Philippines


A Corporate EnterTrainmeNT On Awesome Customer Care


Some companies focus on product innovation and sales and marketing strategies enhancement. These are, of course, necessary to the point of mandatory.

However, no matter how incredible a product’s features are, unique a service’s competitive edge is, and how proficient the sales and marketing manpower is, hard-earned customers are still difficult to please for a long period of time much less retain.

Therefore, it is imperative that any employee who provides customer service to either an internal client or customer or external client or customer whether at the front lines or behind the scenes ought to have the right cognitive skills, competencies, and character to provide a world-class customer service via different means, modes, or channels.

This corporate training program provides the target participants with the needed knowledge, skills, and attitude to give their customers happiness, satisfaction, and contentment to keep on coming back for more and become a loyal patron of the company and its products and services.


  1. It bridges the disparity between theories and applications and classroom learning and workplace application;
  2. It is fun, interactive, unique, and interesting;
  3. It has activities and/or exercises both for ‘entertainment’ and application values.


By the end of this Corporate EnterTrainment, the participants should have been able to:

  • Know, understand, appreciate, and apply Relationship Marketing and how this form of marketing is integrated into customer service strategies;
  • Realize, correct, replace, or improve the most common Areas for Improvement among anybody who provides customer service to either an internal or external client or customer;
  • Build a great relationship with both current and potential customers and enhance the organization’s reputation as a leader in customer service quality.


Module 1: The Best Form of Marketing is RELATIONSHIP MARKETING

  • What is Relationship Marketing?
  • How Can We Leverage RM?

Module 2: Areas for Improvement of Most Customer Service Providers Nowadays

  • Don’t know how to listen actively
    • What is Active Listening?
    • How is Active Listening Done?
  • Don’t have common sense
  • Are too emotional
    • Introducing Emotional Intelligence
    • How to be Intelligent Emotionally?
  • Are not solution-oriented
    • Focus on the Solutions and not on the Problem
  • Can’t balance defending the company and identifying with the customer
    • Assertiveness (Vocal, Verbal, and Visual)
  • Can’t empathize
    • The Power of Empathy
    • How do we Empathize?

Module 3: How to Build a Great Relationship with Customers

  • Always put the customer at the center of your product or service design, delivery, and pricing.
  • Always go the extra mile.
  • Always give the customers a great experience.
  • Always have the passion to serve. Serve with a smile.


This Corporate EnterTrainment will leverage the following approaches to learning while having fun and making realizations:

  1. Video Watching
  2. Structured Learning Exercises
  3. Interactive Discussions
  4. Concept Application Activities
  5. Fun Icebreakers and Energizers
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