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Customer Experience Enhancement Training in the Philippines


A Corporate EnterTrainment on Enhancing Customer Experience

 Program Rationale:

Over the years, companies have always been investing in correcting, replacing, or upgrading their Customer Service department staff’s cognitive skills, competencies, and character in serving both their long-time and new customer base. While this has been beneficial in helping their front liners gain the right knowledge, skills, and attitude in attending to their customers’ needs effectively and professionally, there are still cases of underwhelming customer service satisfaction ratings and displeased customers.

What’s going on here?

This is because having very professional and customer-oriented service providers is useless or insufficient if there are still areas for improvement somewhere along the customer experience lifecycle or journey, that is, from promotion to sales and after-sales that come short of customers’ expectations or worse, anger them.

Therefore, it’s about time that companies also focus their resources and strategies on correcting, replacing, or enhancing their customers’ entire experience from start to finish.

This ‘entertraining’ corporate training program intends to make the target participants appreciate and apply the benefits of customer experience enhancement in maximizing revenues and more importantly, guaranteeing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

As we always say, ‘Positivize your customers’ point of view, boost your company’s revenue’.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this learning session, the target participants should have been able to:

  1. Bring up to date their understanding and application of excellent customer service and make them realize that enhancing their customers’ entire experience represents a better overall strategy than just improving their employees’ customer service competencies;
  2. Initiate implementing and testing out of some of the best practices in enhancing their customers’ experience in the lifecycle and determine which strategies will work to their advantage in the long run;
  3. Appreciate and leverage the establishment and execution of a customer-centric corporate culture and working environment that value the relationship between happy, contented, and satisfied employees and happy, contented, and satisfied customers;
  4. Design and execute a Customer Journey map that resolves and enhances customer interaction touchpoints during the lifecycle.

Target Participants:

This ‘edutaining’ learning session is best taken advantage of by the following:

  1. Employees assigned in the customer service department and who assist their new, current, and potential customers in person and over the phone;
  2. Sales and marketing employees who interact with customers during the marketing, sales, and after-purchases phases of the customer service lifecycle;
  3. Front liners like receptionists and telephone operators and even secretaries and assistants who attend to their customers’ needs on a daily basis;
  4. Officers, supervisors, managers, and the like in basically any department of a company.

Course Contents:

Module I: Refreshing the Management’s Perspective Towards Customer Service

  1. Customer Experience Vis-à-vis Customer Service
  2. Establishing a Customer-Centric Culture
  3. Correlation between Employee Experience and Customer Experience
  4. Making Feedback-sharing an Organizational Habit to Promote Enhanced Customer Experience Implementation Permanency

Module II: Ten (10) Best Practices in Enhancing Customers’ Experience

  1. Engage customers via a wide array of channels.
  2. Offer keepsakes.
  3. Personalize multimedia customer interaction.
  4. Customize the product and/or service’s presentation.
  5. Recognize and popularize customers.
  6. Correct, replace, or upgrade the customer service staff’s competencies
  7. Leverage online and offline positive and negative reviews.
  8. Quantify and qualify customers’ behaviors and emotions.
  9. Establish a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and strategies.
  10. Correct, replace, or enhance the provider-customer touchpoints.

Module III: Designing a Customer Journey Map

  1. Customer Journey Map 101
  2. Customer Interaction Touchpoints
  3. Designing and Executing the Customer Journey Map


This learning opportunity is highlighted by the following ‘entertrainment’ features:

  • Video Watching and Reflection
  • Interactive Discussions and Sharing Activities
  • Pen-and-Paper Work and Presentation
  • Role-Playing
  • Post-Training Output of Designing a Customer Journey Map
  • Topics-based energizers and exercises
  • EnterTrainment at its BEST!
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