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Workplace Diversity Training in the Philippines

Workplace Diversity Training in the Philippines

A One-day Corporate EnterTrainment on Diversity in the Workplace

by partner speaker, trainer, and consultant, Mr. Eckhon Malig



Investing in the development of leaders is the best investment any organization can make. Leaders fulfill key responsibilities that could spell the difference between success and failure. It is, therefore, critical that they are equipped with the right set of knowledge, skills, attitudes and habits to carry out the responsibility of mapping the organization’s future.

Diversity encompasses the presence and participation of people who differ by age, color, ethnicity, gender, national origin, race, religion, and sexual orientation and includes those with disabilities and from various socio-economic backgrounds. It encompasses not only individuals and groups, but also thoughts and attitudes.

This program is designed to open up communications between all sexes and race to bring mutual understanding and respect of each other’s’ role.

Apart from cultural diversity, this workshop also refers to the modification of behavior by raising awareness of gender equality concerns. This can be achieved by this workshop and sensitization in the domain of humanities and social sciences is an awareness informed propensity or disposition which aims at changing behavior so that it is sensitive to certain issues.

Gender sensitization may be the awareness informed disposition or propensity to behave in a manner which is sensitive to gender justice and gender equality issues. Participants will also have a chance to share experiences when they have felt empowered or dis-empowered and how those experiences relate to their own personal role in their homes and especially in their workplace.

Finally brainstorming sessions are led to consider what changes could be made to foster an environment of respect, dignity and understanding for all Genders and Race.



Below are the objectives for this workshop:

  • To provide a clear understanding of what diversity is and what it isn’t.
  • To raise a greater awareness and sensitivity to diversity issues that go well beyond the assumed categories.
  • To recommend behavioral tools for fostering a more cohesive workplace.



Supervisors, managers, team leaders and all employees in your organization who need exposure on Diversity gender and race equality.




  • Distinction between EEO, Affirmative Action, and Diversity and Inclusion
  • Primary and Secondary Dimensions
  • Communication Filters
  • Diversity and Inclusion Goals
  • Stereotyping (Stereotype, Prejudice, Discrimination, Oppression)


  • What does the research show?
  • What are the lessons learned?
  • Takeaways


  • Cultural vs Generational Differences
  • Misunderstanding
  • Prejudice
  • Fear
  • Role of the Managers
  • Commitment
  • Promoting
  • Diversity is FAIR



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