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Advanced Email Communication Training in the Philippines

Advanced Email Communication Training in the Philippines


A Corporate EnterTrainment on Advanced Email Communication Skills

Program Rationale:

Composing and sending emails seem to be very basic and easy tasks at most workplaces. However, if they have always been easy and basic, why is it that most prospects back out when the only contact initiated so far is communication through email? Why is it that most-valued current clients sever their ties with their present provider and go with somebody else? Why is that apart from oral communication, most instances of irate customers develop in email communication?

Written communication, particularly through email, is delicate and critical. The one receiving the email cannot see the facial expressions, body language, and hand gestures of the person he/she gets the email from and cannot tell what emotions go with the communication.

Also, if the sender is not careful with the words he chooses, how he phrases his sentences, and the overall message the email communicates, a potential business might be lost, a current client relationship might be jeopardized, or the company’s reputation might be tarnished.

In this one-day Advanced Email Communication Training in the Philippines, the target participants’ current cognitive skills, competencies, and character in composing and sending email correspondences will and shall be upgraded with the current best practices offered in the training agenda below.

Learning Goal:

By the end of this one-day corporate training, the participants should have had fun while upgrading their current knowledge, skills, and attitude to accommodate the escalating complexities of managing customers’ demands, heightened emotions, and other challenges and issues when communicating through email.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this one-day learning session, the target participants should have been able to:

  1. Convince the recipient customer or client and satisfy the goal of the communication by writing the intent in very few words without sacrificing the message and its quality;
  2. Write their outbound emails from the reader’s perspective and taking into consideration the benefits and advantages;
  3. Pacify irate customers and manage complaints by performing a root cause analysis to determine the origin of their emotions and meeting halfway to balance defending the company and its policies and taking into account their requests and demands;
  4. Say no without hesitations but without antagonizing the customer and aggravating the tough situation by becoming assertive, applying positive scripting, and regulating one’s tone;
  5. Deliver bad news without alarming the customer and offering negotiated contingencies and alternatives to water down the impact of the news and its repercussion.

Course Contents:

 Module I: Improving Brevity/Conciseness in Email Communication

  1. Profiling the recipient of the email
  2. Writing a goal and objectives and converting them into an outline
  3. Determining the right tone
  4. Simplifying choice of words
  5. Shortening paragraphs into sentences and sentences into phrases

Module II: Pacifying Irate Customers and Managing Demands and Complaints

  1. Performing Root Cause Analysis
  2. Leveraging empathy
  3. The Power of Meeting Halfway

Module III: The Art of Assertiveness

  1. Best practices in positive scripting
  2. How to say ‘No’ without actually using the word
  3. How to deliver bad news positively

Module IV: Going the Extra Mile in Email Communication


This learning opportunity is highlighted by the following ‘entertrainment’ features:

  • Interactive Discussions and Sharing Activities
  • Pen-and-Paper Work and Presentation
  • Application of Concepts
  • Workshop
  • Post-Training Output of Composing an Effective Email
  • Topics-based energizers and exercises
  • EnterTrainment at its BEST!
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