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Our CEO, Mr. Myron Sta. Ana is known as ‘The Soft Skills Guru of the Philippines’. He’s already one of the most sought-after coaches in soft skills particularly English language communication and customer service coaching.

Communication and Customer Service Skills Coaching

Customer Service and Customer Experience Enhancement Coaching

We unquestionably know, understand, appreciate, and role model excellent customer service and enhancing our customer’s experience. From answering incoming calls to how we do our job and how we provide a memorable experience to our lifetime partners – our clients, we absolutely practice what we preach.

Even our founder and chief consultant was an award-winning Customer Care Representative during his stint as an entry and then second-tier level Billing Call Center Agent for a top Contact Center Company in the Philippines. He was also certified as an S-Leader (Servant, Seer, Shepherd, and Steward Leader) by the Potter’s Leadership Academy, a renowned certification program in the country that focuses on God-centered service.

Our coaching methodologies and principles are customer and customer experience-centered. We believe that customers feel happier, more contented, and highly-satisfied if their expectations are exceeded, their needs are provided thoroughly, their questions are answered intelligently, and their problems and challenges are tackled with permanent solutions and a feel-good product and service experience.

Let us share with you our unparalleled knowledge, skills, and attitude on how to provide outstanding World-class Customer Service and Customer Experience.

Communication Skills Coaching

There are three types of Communication Skills topics. They are Interpersonal Communication, Intrapersonal Communication, and Language Communication. Our company specializes in all three of them.

We can coach both your management and rank-and-file employees on the following domains and aspects:

Best Communication Skills Coach in the Philippines

Interpersonal Communication

Our interpersonal communication skills coaching points and solutions provide our beneficiaries with the correct and efficient approaches in communicating effectively within and without (with other people). As they say, “Together, Everyone Achieves More”.

When different members of an organization are all aligned with the company’s vision, mission, core values, and strategic direction/s and they employ that alignment to collaborate systematically at all levels, achieving business, departmental, individual, and occupational results do not have to be complicated.

Intrapersonal Communication

For our corporate talents to not only be effective contributors in the organization but to be successful individuals in life as well, they need to be able to communicate effectively within themselves. What we mean by this is that they know themselves best and they understand how they can attain peace of mind in order to function at their best and to realize their aspirations.

Any individual who knows, acknowledges, accepts, understands, and appreciates himself and his thoughts, attitude, and behavior will be better educated, equipped, and encouraged to face the challenges of life and the workplace.

With our expertise, we help people attain job happiness, satisfaction, and contentment by determining what his goals and objectives in life are and how what they know, what they can do, how they behave, how they relate to other people, their decisions, and their perception of their work can be aligned with these ends in mind and their sources of motivation and inspiration.

English Language Communication

Our CEO is dubbed as the genuine Best English Language Proficiency Coach in the Philippines. Being a living proof of someone who was able to neutralize his accent, correct his pronunciation and grammar, enrich his vocabulary, and enhance his voice qualities over just a few years, he shares his tips to success and practical concepts on how to improve his coachees’ conversational skills in the English language.

The English language is widely considered as the neutral language of the business. With most of the medium to large businesses professionalizing their workplace and becoming globalized and diversified, it has become a must for professionals to have good sway of the English language, be it written or spoken.

With our track record and specialization in the following components of English Proficiency below, we can help your corporate talents and your organization be more competitive and competent.

  1. Pronunciation
  2. Grammar
  3. Accent
  4. Vocabulary
  5. Fluency
  6. Delivery
  7. Voice Quality (Intonation, Pitch, Rate, Volume, Inflection, Timbre, etc.)

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