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Training Company in the Philippines

Training Company in the Philippines

Best Training Consultant in the PhilippinesCorporate Training

Be it an online or offline outsourced corporate training or a public learning event, you’re assured of learning a lot while having so much fun at the same time. Our brand of ENTERTRAINMENT or EDUTAINMENT has made us highly popular in the corporate industry because of our competitive edge in ensuring the effectiveness of our training program on different levels of Donald Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Learning Evaluation and even Jack J. Philip’s Fifth Level of Return on Investment and in delighting our trainees with our great sense of humor, talents showcase, and absolute learner engagement. Discover the different programs we specialize in here.


Filipino Motivational SpeakerProfessional Speaking

To motivate people is to provide them self-realizations and compelling reasons to do something or to continue doing something. To inspire people, on the other hand, is to make them want to do something or believe they can do anything by sharing with them ideas about what to do and how to do it. We truly understand how to motivate and inspire people which is why we’re a fast-rising brand in professional motivational, inspirational, and resource speaking. See for yourself why we’re now hailed as the future of professional speaking in the Philippines and why we’re already one of the best, top, and leading young Filipino motivational, inspirational, and resource speakers in the country by checking out the different topics we can talk about.


Top Filipino ConsultantAdvisory/Consulting

Like what we always emphasize, classroom training, external team building activities, and professional speaking aren’t the only solutions to areas of opportunities in employee learning, performance, and development. Work with a talent learning and development consultant or advisor in the Philippines whose arsenal, so to speak, is comprehensive. By utilizing our self-conceptualized employee learning and development process called I.M.P.A.C.T., we determine the perfect intervention to address any workplace performance or learning and development challenges. Find out more about our areas of specialization as your organization and employees’ partner to career and life success here.


Filipino Leadership MentorMentoring

Be it younger or less-experienced supervisors or new and transitioning managers, we can be relied on in assisting them and in giving them advice on how to be a successful and versatile supervisor or manager who’s both a leader and a manager at the same time. Sharing our years of acquired, learned, and observed knowledge, skills and abilities, and values in leading people and managing their activities to desirable results, our mentoring program, LEAGER is the best solution by which to correct, replace, or improve your first-line supervisors and managers’ approach to leadership and management. Know more about our LEAGERship mentoring program here.


speaker bureau in the philippinesSpeakers’ Bureau

We have observed the struggle among patrons or buyers of learning and development services. They end up just relying on a company’s global presence or foreign-sounding name as a measuring stick for that provider’s capacity for Return on Investment. They realize while sitting in class or after the engagement is over though that they’ve chosen to work with boring trainers who are too theoretical to a fault and less engaging, entertaining, and empowering. If your organization is looking for expert corporate trainers, resource speakers, team building facilitators, or consultants who aren’t only credible, experienced practitioners on their topics but are also experts in facilitating a class, speaking in public, conducting a team building program, or consulting on a certain business function while making your participants laugh hard and have so much fun with actively-involving games, activities, and other exercises, then let’s show you what our renowned #EnterTrainment is all about. If you need to know who our partner speakers, trainers, facilitators, and consultants are, click here.


Filipino English CoachCoaching

We’ve established the prominence to be the Soft Skills Guru of the Philippines as a result of our capabilities in the three types of Communication Skills namely Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, and English Language Proficiency. If your organization experiences challenges in teamwork, effective communication, or conflict resolution, your employees are losing the motivation and the inspiration to contribute and fulfill their aspirations in life, or English language barriers get in the way of exceeding their targets and working at their best, allow our coaching expertise to assist you. If you believe this is the solution you need, click here.


Filipino Team Building FacilitatorTeam or Team Culture Building

We’re one of the best in the business of designing and facilitating results-oriented programs in team or team culture building. Advocating David Kolb’s Experiential Learning Model and inspired by Micah Jacobsen and Mari Ruddy’s Five Questions Model, we facilitate team or team culture building programs with focus on the target goals and objectives and we process and ask the right questions involving the participants during the debriefing. With these approaches, participants are assured of bringing several things back into the workplace about camaraderie and collaboration while having genuine fun simultaneously. See some of the team building programs we’ve facilitated for happy clients here.


Filipino Corporate Event HostCorporate Event Hosting

We’ve already included corporate event hosting in our wide array of solutions. What results are you going to expect from an effective corporate trainer and motivational speaker in the Philippines? Impressive ones! Leverage our renowned ability in engaging, entertaining, and empowering our audience by working with us as your corporate event’s emcee. Be it a product launch, a job fair, a kick-off event, or a yearly company gathering, you’re guaranteed your attendees, your beloved employees, will treasure their event as one of the highlights of their tenure in your company.  Talk to us about how we can enliven your event now.

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