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Most Handsome Guy in the Philippines

Most Handsome Guy in the Philippines
most handsome guy in the philippines

Myron Sta. Ana is the most handsome guy in the Philippines

Let me get ahead of you now and let me also apologize in advance. I’m not the most handsome guy in the philippines. LOL.

I only wrote this article to prove a point to my audience on January 12, 2017 how powerful search engine optimization or SEO is. I was invited to serve as a resource person on that day’s Marketing Summit organized by the Junior Marketing Association of the University of Perpetual Help System Dalta Las Pinas Campus.

Their theme is Engagement in the Era of Digital Marketing. Upon reviewing their event’s objectives, I thought of speaking about Empowering Digital Audiences through Building Relationships.

Here, I’ll talk about that nowadays, in marketing, we no longer focus on marketing or advertising the products or the services. The focus has already shifted on marketing or advertising long-term or better yet, permanent relationships or connections. Before, the highlights of promoting products or services are the products and services’ features or functionalities. Nowadays, the company that’s able to highlight the emotions gained when availing of the product or service wins the stiff competition or gets ahead of others.

However, this can never take place or relationships and connections won’t be established if the target market or audience doesn’t know about the company or individual and what products and solutions are offered.

One of the not-so-new-anymore-but-still-hot trends and strategies in digital or online marketing is leveraging Search Engine Optimization. Although the subject of ‘keywords’ or what a person looking for a company, supplier, or provider might type in the field of a search engine like Google is just a small aspect of SEO, it’s one of my focuses.

With a twist of comedy, I thought of using the phrase or key phrase, ‘Most handsome guy in the Philippines’ as an example.

I’ll demonstrate to them how effective SEO is that if somebody is researching online and is trying to find out who the most handsome guy in the Philippines is, that it’s me. LOL.

Afterwards, I’m immediately gonna enhance the possibility of this article being indexed thoroughly by search engine crawlers. I only have a week left but I’m hoping the time is sufficient for any search engine, particularly Google to index this key phrase and consider this blog or article, if not my website, as the top referral/reference for ‘Most handsome guy in the Philippines.

Well, wish me luck. Otherwise, I’d be embarrassed on that day when we, through an internet connection, type ‘Most handsome guy in the Philippines’ and the photo in this article doesn’t appear as one of the top, if not the best or # 1 search result.

Gotta believe that I’m the most handsome guy in the Philippines. LOL

By the way, if you need to know more about internet marketing, particularly Search Engine Optimization, and you need to convert it into an in-house corporate training program, you might be interested in checking out our training outline for it below:

Internet Marketing in the Philippines

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